Diesel Dispenser With Receipt Printer

Diesel Dispenser With Receipt Printer

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Preset Diesel Dispenser is designed with same facility of diesel dispenser flow meter, suitable for truck, oil station, farm, and factory to fill or dispense diesel for cars or machines. This Preset Dispenser is equipped with one touch print facility, which provides receipt of the transaction. This receipt can be customized according the needs of the customer and can also be converted into a legal invoice by adding proper header and Tax ID. 


Flow Rate: 60 L/min 

Accuracy: ±0.5% 

Power Source: DC 12V, DC 24V, AC 220V 

Unit Price Range: 0-99.99 

Volume Range: 0-99999,99L 

Amount Range: 0-999999.99 

Totalizer: Volume: 9 digits, Amount: 11 digits 

Both Amount And Volume Can Be Set. 

Current fuel rate setting 

Calculate fuel price 

Print fuel receipt 

Get transaction LOG-file in USB Pen drive